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Winning Over Hearts and Minds
A person can be expected to think a certain way, but a person cannot be expected to feel a certain way.
Do You Hear?
The 10 Commandments had no echo. What was the point of this miracle?
“What have you been doing for the last year?” asked the incensed father-in-law. “What have you accomplished wasting your time by those wild men?” “I learned that G‑d creates the world,” answered the young man.
They entered me like tiny pieces of a puzzle that found the space, or impression, that was carved exactly to fit their dimensions. Then they would snap together, forming sentences and paragraphs and concepts...
The Ten Commandments of Marriage
When we look more deeply into the Ten Commandments, we will find not only spiritual advice for enhancing our marriages, but very practical and essential guidelines as well.
To Study Our Children
How often are we left unmoved by a truth because we are self-consciously aware of the ramifications of accepting such truths?
A Linguistic Solution to Marital Anger
In the Torah, a single word often appears in an unusual fashion that draws the eye. One such word appears in the beginning of this week's reading. I will attempt to show how this word offers a solution to marital anger.
Making Judaism Relevant
If G‑d was trying to give His best credentials to His newly acquired nation, why would He choose to mention the exodus? Isn't the creation of the heavens and earth a far greater feat?
Why a Mezuzah Is Not a Mezuzah
If not for the scrolls, there would be no reason for plain old doorposts...
Power Outage
When G-d does make demands of me, they tend to be in trivial areas—but areas that hit me where it counts.
Who’s Gonna Know?
While we hope that someone, somewhere, takes notice whenever we “do the right thing,” as long as we are driven by the need for that external recognition, we are vulnerable and can be inconsistent.
Listen to Shema’s Inner Message
The two enlarged letters in the Shema reveal the mission of the Jewish people and the fusion of faith and knowledge.
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