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Guest Columnists


It's OK Not to Be Inspired (Right Now)
Are you to abandon G‑d until you next have the time and are actually in the mood of plugging into your spiritual side?
The Enemy of Your Enemy
Is it really that simple? What if you don’t have a common enemy?
Clothes Do Make the Man: Why Your Mother Was Right
There is a saying that our life is a gift from G‑d, but that what we do with that life is our gift back to G‑d. In order to make that remotely meaningful, we have to understand the exalted essence of a human being.
High Fashion
Why the need to engrave the names twice on the High Priest's garments? And why the change in from one tribe on each of twelve stones to six tribes on two stones?
Baggage Restrictions
First it was taking off your shoes to go through security, and then it was your belt.
Grading Oil
When Golda Meir famously joked that the Jewish people had managed, after forty years of wandering, to end up in the only country in the Middle East with no oil, she was only partially right...
The Altar
The unique law of the altars not receiving impurity gives insight into the soul of every Jew…
Just Do It
Feelings don’t come automatically. We cannot just turn the happiness switch on, or suddenly feel love. So what do we do when we don’t feel happiness and empathy?
Light, Clothing and Incense
A Lesson in Authenticity
We must be authentic in the way we present ourselves—not only holy and pure on the outside, but on the inside as well.
The Inner Meaning of the Breastplate
The urim denotes its brilliant awareness of its Divine source and its fiery yearning to dissolve in it. The tumim denotes its wholehearted sincerity and thorough devotion to fulfill the commandments.
Down to the Details
An Essay on Parshat Tetzaveh
"In Parshat Tetzaveh we see that there are functions that are indispensable for the Tabernacle’s overall structure to work and achieve its purpose; without them, it simply does not respond"
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