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Beyond Speech

Ki Tavo

Many of us struggle with happiness, dissatisfied with the hand we’ve been dealt. But it’s all based on our perspective and perception.
For the haftarah of Eikev, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
Sometimes, you can feel alone even when you are with the one you love . . .
Since G‑d can’t be seen, it is possible to occasionally forget that He is here.
The message of of Eikev is to take a different approach to mitzvahs: Defy our yetzer hara and do the mitzvahs because they are G‑d’s will.
How does Rashi know that the blessing in Eikev is within nature and the blessing in Bechukotai is above nature?
What Is the Value of a Mitzvah?
He argues, "first I have to make sure that the head is in order.” First the strict mitzvot, then the less strict mitzvot.
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