This week’s parshah, Eikev, is named for an uncommon word meaning “because.” Rashi points out that eikev can also mean “heel.”He explains that this refers to seemingly less important mitzvahs that get trampled under a person’s heel. Because (eikev) we will listen and do those (eikev) mitzvahs, we will be blessed with a whole list of blessings, including miraculous victories over those we fear.

What is the connection between these mitzvahs and miracles?

There are the mitzvahs we see as important. We focus our energy on them, while other mitzvahs end up trampled. Our yetzer hara (“evil inclination”) convinces us that it makes sense to focus on these while pushing the others off.

The message of of Eikev is to take a different approach to mitzvahs: Defy our yetzer hara and do the mitzvahs because they are G‑d’s will. In that light, all mitzvahs are equal. We do them because we are believers, the children of believers. It is about accepting that which is beyond our mind’s understanding.

When we take this approach toward G‑d and mitzvahs—going beyond our understanding and doing His will—He, in turn, goes beyond the natural order to treat us to miracles.

Here is what we could do to help our brothers and sisters all over the world and especially in Israel: Take on those mitzvahs we routinely push off using logical arguments. Do them only because G‑d wants us to.

Watching the soldiers in Israel dancing together, singing “we are believers the children of believers,” warms my heart, because I know that we are in good hands: G‑d’s.