By candlelight, a goldsmith is working,
By his side stands his student, silently observing.
The melding and molding, forming, engraving,
Each trick of the trade, the young man’s absorbing.

But lighting the fire, which fuelled the operation,
So basic a step, the teacher forgot to mention.
Fundamental to the process, so basically clear,
Yet such an instruction, the student didn't hear.

The ambitious student embarked on his own,
To put into practice all that he was shown.
He labored away, of success he was sure,
But the clump of gold remained, unchanged as before.
His efforts were tireless, each skill he got right,
But all this was in vain, without a flame alight.

The half shekel each Jew, was required to donate,
Moses saw in a vision, in an unusual state.
A blazing half shekel, a fiery coin,
And through giving this gift, the Jews could atone.

A coin’s just a coin; it's the value you give,
It's not the money that drives G‑d to forgive.
It's the giving with fire, with passion and love,
That's how you'll illicit blessings from above.

Don't just go through the motions; don't just tick off a box,
That's like serving G‑d, with hearts turned to rocks.
Give your mitzvah a soul, infused with emotion,
Most precious to G‑d is our care and devotion.

Serve Him with joy - enthusiasm inject,
That's how, with G‑d- we'll really connect.