In the hot arid desert,
One nation treks on.
With hearts full of thanks,
Their problems – long gone.

But they screech to a halt,
As they come face the sea.
A dead end so glaring,
Despair – what will be?

Then the mighty Egyptians,
Enclose from behind.
The wilderness surrounding,
Now they're caught in a bind.

Run back to Egypt,
Are you crazy? We’ll fight!
Let’s drown in the sea,
To the desert – take flight!

Two Jews, three opinions,
The nation divides.
Each thinks he knows best,
Each one takes sides.

Between all the chaos,
And each stubborn faction.
Between the shouts and commotion,
One lone man takes action.

He marches into the sea,
As the waters steadily rose.
And the waves reach his ankles,
His shoulders, his nose.

But Nachshon kept going,
He was not one to flee.
His strong rock hard faith,
Is why G‑d split the sea.

He didn’t consult,
With the ones who are boss.
Politically incorrect,
He could’ve suffered great loss.

Wasn’t his rash move,
Suicidal in a way?
Is our hero plain stupid,
Well what do you say?

Believe it or not,
Nachshon just did not see.
An obstacle in his way,
It just could not be.

If G‑d took them from slavery,
So the Torah He could give.
‘til they reached Har Sinai,
They’d surely live!

With his eyes on the goal,
And determination steadfast.
No challenge deterred him,
He’d always get past.

We’ve all got to find,
That ‘Nachshon’ within.
Climb over mountains,
Jump, fly or swim.

Keep your eyes focused,
On your purpose, your aim.
That’s the way – I guarantee,
You’ll succeed in this game.

And when you find yourself facing,
The roadblocks of life.
Don’t let it consume you,
Jump over that strife.

If you’re doing what’s right,
You can’t be stopped – not here.
‘Cuz when you rise above your problems,
They simply disappear.