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Was Moses Electable?

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Was Moses Electable?

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Anonymous April 4, 2020

Nor was there — nor would there have been — an elected or self-appointed government (purporting to represent ‘all Jews’) with authority to ‘vet’ Moses for his suitability to lead them out of captivity, certainly not while the plagues were raging and Pharaoh was of hardened heart.

In that way Moses is much like the Moshiach; Maimonides certainly makes no mention of the Moshiach giving speeches, winning an election, nor obtaining the approval of a political entity or government in making his return. Rather, Moshiach will be recognized after-the-fact for the role he played. Just as we recognize Moses after the fact — even as we still live, and relive, the captivity. Reply


Primary yes, but there is great power in evil and the superficial. Better to marry both, Hashem will show us how to manage it all, in Israel. In G-d I trust. Reply

Filiz April 2, 2020

Beautiful Reply