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Samach Vav: uMikneh Rav, Part 4

The Avodah of Two Types of Eved


Samach Vav: uMikneh Rav, Part 4: The Avodah of Two Types of Eved

Unlike the Ben, whose devotion and service are natural expressions of the Nefesh Elokis, the Avodah of the Eved is a product of the Guf and therefore requires effort. There are 2 categories of Eved, one whose service is pure Kabbolas Ol motivated by Yirah. The other is motivated by Ahavah—as a result of his recognition of the transcendent splendor of the Master and his overwhelming desire to be attached to Him.
5666 uMikneh Rav
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Kabbalat Ol, Maamar

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M. Diane August 20, 2017

All my life I hoped someone would be able to identify these concepts and explain for me why they exist and how they work. Dr. Brawer, you have done that in beautiful terms, clearly and with compassion. I'm thrilled to find this class and to be able to follow your advanced lecture without a hitch. I have a few questions; but, I'm expecting to find answers n the earlier parts of this course I have not yet watched. If I don't find the answers, I'll post my questions. Thank you again and G-d bless you! Reply

Yaakov Brawer November 28, 2017
in response to M. Diane:

Thank you for the kind and encouraging words.
Hamevoreich Yisboreich Reply

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