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Studies in the Passover Haggadah, Part 14

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Studies in the Passover Haggadah, Part 14

Topics discussed: Pour the fourth cup and open the door for Elijah the Prophet. “Pour your wrath upon the nations...” the second part of Hallel Psalms 115-118. The Great Hallel Psalm 136....”The soul of every living being shall bless Your Name...” through “May your Name be praised forever.“ Drink the fourth cup. After-blessing for drinking wine. Nirtzah, The seder is now concluded......NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM.
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Passover, Elijah's Cup, Hallel, Seder, Haggadah, Nirtzah, Hallel

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1 Comment
Dinah Austin, TX April 9, 2017

Dear Rabbi Goodman,

A million bucks? Good one!

Thank you so much for this great lecture series and a really good laugh!

Happy Passover Reply