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Why Jews Toast L’Chaim (To Life)

The origin of raising a glass of wine together

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Why Jews Toast L’Chaim (To Life): The origin of raising a glass of wine together

Discover the history and significance of the custom to raise a cup of wine with well-wishes of L’Chaim to one another.
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Minhag, LeChaim

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Cara July 7, 2018

Wonderful way of explaining why we say L’Chaim - Taylor is a great teacher! Reply

David H. Leopold Kauai June 24, 2016

To a long life L'chiam from Kauai,Hawaii.

David Leopold Kauai, Hawaii July 9, 2018
in response to David H. Leopold:

I completely understand the explanation given by Rabbi Taylor and concur emphatically. For me saying L`Chaim (to life) reflects the positive meaning of uplifting the life of the toastee
. Reply

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