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Challah Baking, Part 2

Braiding and Baking

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Challah Baking - Part 2: Braiding and Baking

After the dough has fully risen, we punch the dough down and prepare it for braiding. Different styles of braiding are shown.
Challah, Food; Eating

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batsheva hein pittsford August 22, 2019

i just tried making the ring challos they look really fancy so do you and your house your very fancy Reply

Brucha Weisberger Brooklyn October 25, 2018

i love your challa so beautiful as usual! Reply

Rachael Cyprus September 30, 2016

That's beautiful and so are you. Thank you. Has hem bless you and your family. Reply

Shoshanna July 9, 2015

Laughing The end is hilarious. Reply

esther Queens, NY January 1, 2015

bread machine Hi. I like the challah that you baked and can't wait to try it at home.
Just wanted to know where can I buy the machine you mixed the dough in. I really need one. Reply

Anonymous April 23, 2013

temp and time For how long and at what time do you bake the napkin ring challot? Reply

Anonymous uk February 10, 2013

thanks. but how long do u bake it for? Reply

Isabel Mercado Weslaco, TX, USA January 28, 2013

Challah Baking I always make Challah in different shapes to match the celebration. I made a Chanukiah challah for Chanukah and a "tree" challah for Tu b'Shevat. Now I will also make napkin ring Challahs! Thank you!!! Reply

Anonymous kissimmee via December 7, 2012

bake time how long do we bake it for? Reply

Britt Ohra Wolf Malmo, Sweden May 11, 2012

Challah. It is the first time I managed to do this wonderful challah. My challah that I have made during the years are also special but I wanted to know to do this challah that we do here, Thank you and Shabbat Shalom. Reply

Ricki Montreal, Canada April 24, 2012

Challos Gosh! these Challos are absolutely heaven! I think You've got the award winning recipe! Thanks a lot..... Reply

Reyna Simnegar Boston December 5, 2011

Cookbook First of all, thank you for your lovely notes.

If you are interested on getting the cookbook, you can visit any Judaica store. It is published by Feldheim.

Enjoy! Reply

Batsheva Hein Pittsford August 27, 2019
in response to Reyna Simnegar:

I love the way you make the ring challos they are the cutest. I tried making them too. Reply

Elizabeth November 30, 2011

You made it easy! You made it easy on the Challah for me to bake. I always had problem with the yeast and thank you for showing how to balance out with warm/hot water.

Although, I am a Persian Jew, I do not really know how to cook some of the foods. I know Turkish and Baghdadi food. How can I get your book?

Keep up the good work! Reply

Carol Reid Vancouver, B.C., Canada November 29, 2011

Wonderful Presentation. Reyna,
What a beautiful demonstration of Challah baking!
The tips, about the oil spray and the warm water combo are really appreciated.
How lucky your family is to have you teaching them, and baking wonderful Challah for Shabbos. Reply

chaya mushka mequon, WI November 12, 2011

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it looks so good (can u send me some hahaha just joking) Reply

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