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Chelo - Persian Rice

Kosher Persian Food

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Chelo - Persian Rice: Kosher Persian Food

No need to be intimidated to prepare this classic Persian dish, steamed white rice with tadig (caramelized potato).
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Rivky Boltormore May 31, 2020

So much fun Reply

anonymous ss maryland December 31, 2019

This is so cool and looks so good! Can you make more videos? Thanks. Reply

hanna Beith shemesh December 6, 2019

You can eat rice on pesach if you are sepharadi or temani.
It is a custom and not a halacha. Reply

Moishe Hershkowitz California January 1, 2022
in response to hanna:

She is saying that it is a halacha to check the rice 3 times. It is not a halacha to actually eat it. Reply

Anonymous Kurtz January 30, 2019

Correction You can't eat rice on Pesach! Reply

Anonymous January 30, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

Sephardim are allowed to eat rice on Pesach, as long as it is checked carefully three times. Reply

Anonymous November 7, 2017

Add a comment...where can I print the full recipe Reply

Shoshanna Pa-17110 July 9, 2015

Hm... I think you're just great. No I'm serious, like you bring something more to cooking. You're fun and bubbly yet you get the point across! You're videos are fabbbboulous! I also think it's cool you're persian. I haven't met one persian jew...but I can see they're a lot of fun to be around! ;) Reply

Anonymous November 2, 2021
in response to Shoshanna:

She is not Persian, FYI. She is from Venezuela Reply

Anonymous OH March 27, 2014

:) I like your videos but I think you should make more. Reply

Anonymous Ohio February 20, 2014

!! I like this video but I'm just wondering why you poke the rice with the back of the spoon? Reply

Anonymous sydney September 19, 2012

looks yum! when you put the paper towels on top for the 45 minutes, is the flame still on under the rice? Reply

Reyna Simnegar April 16, 2012

Music Funny you say that because a few other Persian Jews have mentioned it. However, this was the only middle eastern sounding track we were able to afford since you need to purchase the copyright to be able to use it. Nevertheless, Persians also enjoy Arabic music...I am sure you have been to Persian weddings! Reply

alin abraham encino, ca April 14, 2012

music it all looks great, but from another persian jew, the arabic back-ground music does not compliment the video.
:) Reply

Reyna Simnegar Boston, MA February 14, 2012

reheat it answer So wonderful of you to surprise your father this way! I am sure he will love it! Yes, as it is explained in the cookbook, you can make the rice in advance...even 2 days in advance. Simply parboil and set up as if you are going to make tadig. Instead of making tadig, store in the fridge. If you have no room for a pot in the fridge, store parboil rice in zip top bag and assemble for tadig an hour before the party starts. To reheat it, drizzle 1/4 cup hot water on top of the "pyramid" of rice before placing on medium/low flame until warm and tadig gets made. If you have further questions contact me directly over my email KosherPersianFood at gmail. thanks! Reply

Sarah MIAMI, FL February 14, 2012

reheating it Hi. I am persian but I don't really cook the food my father does. I am making a party for him and its a surprise and I am going to make rice, but I wanted to make it 2 days in advance, is that okay? Also, is it okay to make it in advance with the other polos, rice? How would I reheat it? Should I make the tadiik, the potatos, in advance or when I want to reheat it? How will that work, with the potatos and reheating?

Can you please reply by Feb 15 or even today?

Thank you. Reply

Reyna Simnegar Boston November 24, 2011

great question Dear Hannah, I did say a bracha before eating but it was taken out the final cut. Also, to make this videos there are many, many takes and the original bracha I said cover all the consecutive potatoes I had to eat to make the perfect segment and the appropriate video length. The only video where the bracha was kept was the Challah video because it is absolutely necessary to teach that. If you see closely, I am wearing a sheitel and I am frum, a bracha is very important to me. ;) Reply

hannah beith shemesh, irael November 23, 2011

bracha I love your video's but why dont you say a bracha before eating/??? Reply

Anonymous Akron, OH May 27, 2011

MMMMMMMMMM......... Looks sooooo good!! Reply

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