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Challah Baking, Part 1

Making the Dough

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Challah Baking - Part 1: Making the Dough

How to make your own perfect challah dough from scratch. We then knead the dough, separate the “consecrated portion,” and leave the dough to rise.
Separating Challah, Food; Eating

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perel September 10, 2015

Is there a recipe written?
Can I have it please?
I would be very happy...
thanks Reply

Shoshanna Pa-17110 July 9, 2015

Opps! Caught myself smiling... Wow,amazing. Lol,You're Smile IS So Contagious and you're so much fun to watch. Plus you make everything simple. Reply

Anonymous April 23, 2013

need temp and time For how long and at what temp do you bake the napkin ring challah? Reply

Anonymous March 12, 2013

Great Tip! I love you forever for it! :) Reply

Rosemary Florida March 6, 2013

Eggs You are so right, That explains why my challah came out like cake. I will make challah the same way you make it. Be back soon and let you know how it comes out. Reply

Reyna Simnegar March 6, 2013

Eggs? Dear Rosemary,

This is water Challah...hence it has no eggs. Sephardim make Hamotzi only over water Challah because eggs render bread more like a cake than a bread. Once it has eggs or juice or anything in the dough for us it becomes mesonot. Hope that answers your question...and hey...less calories! Reply

Rosemary Florida March 5, 2013

Eggs? What happened to the eggs? Reply

Anonymous Melbourne, Australia May 10, 2012

Bosch Challah Mixer I would also like to know the name and model of the mixer being used as most mixers can't cope with the amount of dough in your recipe Reply

Reyna Simnegar December 5, 2011

Thank you! Thank you for your kind comments.

Michael, I learned from a woman that teaches Challah making in Jerusalem called the Challah Lady that the bracha is to be said before the rise. That is why I do it that way.

Bracha, the hand washing and the reciting HaMotzi were edited out of the final cut just to shorten the video. I also didn't show birkat hamazon after eating for the same reason.

Shifra, I am so happy the video was helpful. Reply

Batsheva Hein Pittsford August 27, 2019
in response to Reyna Simnegar:

reyna why do you say:terumah at the end of the brocha Reply

Shifra B., Israel Tsfat, Israel December 1, 2011

Thank You! Watching her do the dough just gave me the reason why mine always comes out flat! It finally made click!
Thank you! Reply

Anonymous san diego, ca December 1, 2011

bracha beautiful demo including the bracha for taking challah but then at the end is tasting - where's the washing hands and motzi? Reply

Michael Doyle Chicago, Illinois November 30, 2011

When to take challah? I take the challah after the first rise, since this is the first point at which the dough can be baked into bread. Do you have a feeling about which is the more appropriate time to do so?

(Also, just as an aside, after my main mixer broke, I found that kneading my dough by hand to be a richer, more fulfilling experience. Tiring, but fulfilling!) Reply

moriah galut, usa November 29, 2011

Too funny... I talk to my yeast and dough , too! One thing I add at the end of my blessing is, " May it be as if I brought this to your Holy Temple in Jerusalem..." Reply

dh Los Angeles, CA November 29, 2011

not a good idea to put food in trash bags Plastic trash bags for food storage

The use of plastic trash bags for food storage or cooking is not recommended by USDA "... because they are not food grade plastic and chemicals from them may leach into the food." Reply

Menachem Perry, GA November 29, 2011

Decorations and Design This is a great "how to" video. The set designer produced a lovely decorated tree in the background for the "Challah Day" season. Is it an xmas tree or a Chanukah bush? Reply

Reyna Simnegar Boston, MA November 7, 2011

Bosch Mixer HI!

I use the Bosch mixer, it is actually an old model, so I would recommend you to get the newer one. You will love it because it holds 15 plus cups of flour. I use it to make tons of cookies too! Reply

Anonymous New York City, NY November 6, 2011

Challah Mixer Can you tell me the name of the mixer being used and/or model? I would like to purchase one......Thanks! Reply

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