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Shirazi Salad

Kosher Persian Food

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Shirazi Salad: Kosher Persian Food

This Persian variation on Israeli salad is a healthy and delicious addition to any meal.
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Samantha Leon November 9, 2015

I like this recipe. But instead of using onion glasses, try motorcycle goggles. My aunt Misha uses them to chop onions and she says they work wonders. Chewing gum works well too! Reply

Cynthia College Station, Texas. October 27, 2014

I really enjoyed watching the video; I'm inspired to create a delicious salad. Thanks, for sharing your recipe. Reply

Mohammad Khan Sydney March 14, 2014

Shrazi Salad Thats common Indian chutney minus the oil and add a chilly or 2 plus few garlic served with rice, curry or with biryani and pulao or wrap in chapati, roti or as a sandwich on slices of bread . On a sandwich is a lunch for Indian fisherman in the sea on canoe in Fiji. Reply

Bishop Usa December 11, 2013

Tomato Excellant salad. Nicely done. You should know however that it is not strictly Persian in any way. Tomato is native to the americas and only known to Asia for the past couple hundred years. Persians 3 or 4 hundred years ago had no idea what a tomato was. Reply

meira Netherlands December 11, 2013

shirazi salad No not the salad but the woman behind the salad. I feel such a very close bond since I have almost the same background, except that I was also born in South America, but not in Venezuela. I sometimes share some of my Sephardic recipe's with my Ashkenazi friends and they love it. We should have more of these. Reply

Moisha December 10, 2013

Very nice Maybe garlic. And since I'm not a cilantro fan, Persian parsley and a little mint? Thanks. Happy Holidays.. Reply

Anonymous 33432, fl February 2, 2012

kosher i love how you show how to check lettuce, rice etc! I often skip recipes because I'm not sure how to prepare the ingredients kosher wise Reply

sue Kanata, ON January 25, 2012

Yum! Thanks- what a pleasant video!
I will try the addition of salt- have never put salt in salad.
My trick is to add a capful or two of Neroli (orange flower water) and some amount of fruit like blueberries or strawberries.
The tastes become exotic,e specially if you are using lime juice with both veggies and fruit. Reply

Allan Labrador Mas Quezon City, Philippines January 19, 2012

Wow. great! It pleases me very much that a Persian recipe can be incorporated to Israeli kitchens.

It's just like sayng "Shalom Shabbat" to the Persians and to the World through this wonderful flair!

Kodus to Ms. Simnegar! Reply

Yitzchok Pittsburgh, PA January 19, 2012

salt It would taste better and be healthier with sea salt or the equivalent. I like the type called "real salt", can be found in health food stores. Reply

Bernd Iwanter Berlin, Germany January 18, 2012

Persian Salad! Like it - please more recipes like this! Reply

Anonymous MIAMI BEACH, FL January 12, 2012

THANKS!!! Keep them coming, we want to see more!!! Reply

Yocheved Schechter January 12, 2012

Persian cooking video I really enjoyed your video. Very entertaining Thanks for the new recipe! Reply

Leah jerusalen, israel January 12, 2012

inspired me You have such a flair. Thanx for doing what you love! Inspired me :) Reply

Denise Rootenberg Toronto, Canada January 11, 2012

Great video Hi - You should be on Jewish Masterchef!

I liked the little story about your father-in-law, great presentation and recipe. Reply

Anonymous Guatemala, Guatemala November 29, 2011

Reyna Yumm Reyna i love your recipes they look delicious! Reply

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