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"This Was My Parade"

A Vietnam Vet at Ground Zero


"This Was My Parade": A Vietnam Vet at Ground Zero

Why did a veteran soldier disobey Col. Goldstein's orders while driving from the scene of Ground Zero?
Goldstein, Chaplain Jacob, September 11

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Dave Boston, MA December 26, 2011

Thundering Silence about the Enemy... So why are we spending no energy communicating whi did this, why they felt justified and educating how we can stop them from doing this again, (and again...)??? Reply

arthur segaloff Swampscott, MA September 11, 2011

Vietnam Parade Wish I was there with the Colonel and that Sgt. Sgt Arthur Segaloff, RVN 1970-1972. Pretty much sums it up for most of us, especially the Jewish Nam combat vets.Baruch Hashem Reply

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