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Jews Should Marry Jews

Wisdom at the Western Wall

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Jews Should Marry Jews : Wisdom at the Western Wall

Gutman Locks speaks to young, single Jewish men at the Western Wall about the importance of finding a Jewish wife.

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יהושע - Josué Selva Managua, NICARAGUA May 27, 2011

Very nice Shalom! I agree with the video topic "Jews Should Marry Jews" and it is the best thing for forming a family with strong faith in G-d. Even if I'm just a beginner ger tzedek (and only G-d knows for how long) and single at the age of 47, this video may make me feel a bit discriminated now, but I know it won't be for long. I meant discriminated because I am at a stage now that I can not marry a non-Jew or a Jew. If I am humbly taking the conversion path now, it is only because I feel the inner need to love my Creator (wich I fully enjoy) and not for marrying someone or to receive any a material blessing. מזל טוב - Mazel Tov Reply

Malka Montreal October 4, 2010

Keep up the good work! Rabbi Gutman is inspirational! Reply

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