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A Live Chanukah Adventure

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Maccabees: A Live Chanukah Adventure

Experience the story of Chanukah as it comes alive in this real life presentation. This production from the Jewish Children’s Museum was performed live on Chanukah in 2006.
Miracle of Chanukah, Chanukah

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Chaya R. Nashville March 28, 2022

My uncle is the one who plays yehudah hamacabee Reply

Kat USA February 3, 2022

I skip the first 27 min Reply

Chassidy Koleth Johnson City December 17, 2021

Absolutely beautiful!!! Perfect for the season the world is in... Reply

? March 12, 2021

that secret about the plan is not a secret no more hehe Reply

Hi dood December 25, 2020

It is the best video ever Reply

Hi miss Hello mommy January 19, 2021
in response to Hi dood:

I agree it’s the best thing ever 😁😆😆😆😆😆 Reply

Yosi Bloom Melbourne Australia May 31, 2021
in response to Hi miss :

Yeah!😁😆😆😆😆😆 Reply

Shayna bonita November 18, 2020

I love it Reply

Pessia Toronto June 22, 2020

when the yidden were playing dreidle was their nun gimal hey and shin?? Reply

Issy Yarmush December 20, 2020
in response to Pessia:

YES Reply

Hh January 21, 2021
in response to Pessia:

No it was nun gimal hey and pay Reply

ari February 9, 2020

i watched this 20 times its amazing Reply

Chassidy Koleth Johnson City December 17, 2021
in response to ari:

us too Reply

Dovi Mami November 16, 2018

So cool 😎😇😅😄☺😊😎 Reply

Someone somewhere November 13, 2018

Lovee this video!! My siblings watch it over and over. Reply

ari February 9, 2020
in response to Someone:

i know right Reply

Andrusier Moodus September 13, 2018

vere good Reply

Watched too many times April 15, 2018

One of my pet peeves... “Yentel”, “schmaltzy,” “oyoyoy” are all wrong era :) Reply

tehilla Brighton April 13, 2018

you feel like you're in Greece!
now you could understand the pain they had! Reply

Tzippy Maryland February 25, 2018

Question: I have a question.
When the Jews were playing dreidel, the sides of the dreidel are labeled nun gimmel hay and shin, nes gadol haya sham, a great miracle happened here.
the Jews played dreidel to distract the soldiers to think they were playing, not learning.
why were they labeled "a great miracle happened here" before the miracle happened? was it labeled something else before? Reply

Someone MONTREAL November 13, 2018
in response to Tzippy:

Ooo lalala. That's a really good question! never thought of that before. Reply

Sophie January 7, 2019
in response to Tzippy:

HI Tzippy! It's me Sophie Reply

Anonymous rassia January 21, 2020
in response to Tzippy:

Nes gadol haya sham means a great miracle happened there, the letters were added after the miracle before then it was not labeled. Reply

Unknown unknown November 5, 2020
in response to Tzippy:

they're using a dreidel, what do you expect? it's hard to find dreidels with nothing written on it. Reply

Anonymous SALFORD December 2, 2018
in response to Someone:

That is a really good question. Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein has a whole shiur on this and he brings a medrash that they had the same letters because they also stand for GOSHENAH (gimmel,shin,nun,heh) to remind themselves of Goshen, the land the Jews stayed in when they were in Egypt. This would remind them to stay true to Hashem just as then. Reply

Anonymous Roblox December 13, 2017

Who is watching this on Chanukah 2017 Reply

.................................. January 7, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

Not me I'm in 2019, January 7. Reply

yehudah gniwisch Champlain December 26, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

me Reply

Anna Virginia March 6, 2017

Cool and they also made it kind of funny, really enjoyed. Reply

mendel pittsford December 29, 2016

i whatched it at my fathers dreidel house event
it was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

shira achsah ny December 26, 2016

tears sometimes I tear when I wach Reply

Anonymous August 28, 2016

Pls can we get hd version? Pls Reply

Judy August 7, 2016

Forty years ago l played the song March of the Maccabee's for my daughter. Now l cannot find the words to March of the Maccabee's, I would like my grand-daughter to hear it, and march.
Can anyone help Reply

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