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Joey: Plane Sight

Animated Comic Strip


Joey: Plane Sight: Animated Comic Strip

Joey and his friends fly around the world, spotting Chanukah menorahs everywhere they go!

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Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 4, 2016

AWESOME I like it!!! Reply

Fruma Belinsky Baltimore, Maryland April 8, 2014

Creative! It is so creative to call the video Plane Sight - it has 2 meanings! That is so smart! I love reading or watching stuff that have 2 meanings. You should do that again sometime! Reply

Anonymous February 14, 2013

voices why don't they have the same voices as the other one? Reply

Anonymous SA December 11, 2012

Brilliantly done This needs good publicity! Send to all Jewish schools to show their kids and somehow publicize to all families.

Great potential to do a DVD on different Jewish holidays with the same characters and idea of flying a plane. Kids love it.!!! Reply

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