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The Greeks

A biblical history of the Jews

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The Greeks: A biblical history of the Jews

Toward the end of the Second Temple Era, the influence of Hellenistic values became a threat to Jewish existence.
History, Alexander of Macedonia ("The Great"), Greece, Septuagint, Simeon the Righteous, Hellenists, Chanukah

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Wambui Wahome Keny October 24, 2018

Great lesson.
Can the comments be restrained till the end if the lesson. It's so distracting. Reply

Anononymous Canada October 11, 2014

Ancient Greeks "Were we Jews there earlier in Greece to teach them to stop being animals and be civilized "

If anything the Greeks of the time were far ahead of the rest of the world (including Jews). Mathematics, physics, philosophy, biology, etc etc.. have a Greek etymology for a reason. Today's Jewish people are the world's greatest thinkers but in antiquity everyone was a distant second to the Greeks. Even today ancient Greeks influence the world with their culture. Being Jewish isn't about false hubris and taking credit for the accomplishments of others. Credit where credit is due. Reply

Sabrina Paradis Calgary March 24, 2022
in response to Anononymous:

The brilliant greeks were child molesters. Good in math, physics and molestation Reply

Anonymous USA May 9, 2014

Hello. I love your class HOWEVER I do not like the interruption from the students at all. I find it distracting from the flow of the shiur. Reply

Diane October 10, 2013

Education I liked the educational portion. Disliked the commentary by the women. They talked too much!! I don't care who they know named Sasha!!! They don't have to share everything that comes into their head. Reply

Anonymous April 27, 2013

Quote from video @ 05.38
"Alexander's teacher (as you may or may not know) was Aristotle.. his father didn't want him to grow up a good-for-nothing.. like the people in Greece were at the time.. so he gave him a tutor, he gave him Aristotle" a slightly confusing paradox because later you mention the 'glory' of the Greek arts, Greek philosophy, theater, architecture. If Aristotle was a Jew that would help Alexander escape his greek good-for-nothingness, then could he also be a pagan. Would this be allowed? Could he do this without being caught out by the Greeks as an infiltrator? I am searching google and from my research I don't think Aristotles Judaic background has been for sure but this is very interesting. Also if the Greeks didn't build the theaters who did? Were we Jews there earlier in Greece to teach them to stop being animals and be civilized and to live in houses? Is this why the letter Alpha comes from Aleph? Reply

Ester Tarnogol Buenos Aires, Argentina January 24, 2013

A biblical history of the Jews Rabb Mendel Dubov
You are doing a great work, I learn and enjoy your teaching a lot, I wait for your lessons every week, thank you very much Reply

Anonymous USA January 23, 2013

Dear Rabbi Dubov, by listening to your teaching of the Greeks, I heard the question asked to you by one of the ladies in your group. I thought that it was a good question of where the word "Bible" came from. I looked into the Websters Encyclopedic Dictionary and there one can read that the word came from the Greek "Biblos," which meant it came from the papyrus rolls or documents (Bybl(os). Thank you for your teachings, I learnt something new today about the Beginnings. Reply