High Technology

I was walking down the street
When someone’s beeper began to beep
But he was on his new iPhone
To his niece who lives in Rome
We just had a baby boy
Mazal-Tov is what he said
Who does the baby look like
Put his picture on the web

We all live in a time filled with prophecy
It’s a time so advanced, with high technology
These are the times that our sages clearly did describe
Would only take place before Moshiach will arrive

My friend was lost in Texas
He was driving his new Lexus
And on his dash he had a screen
So his satellite began to beam
At the corner make a right and go up that winding road
And he made it home for Shabbos with plenty of time to unload


And every day a Torah thought can be faxed right to your home
Or e-mailed with an attachment, right to your cell phone
With interactive CD RAM just to help us understand
You can study the whole Torah in the Palm-Pilot in your hand

And MP3s, DVDs are here for us to use
And PDAs, Bluetooth rays and the iPods that we choose
It’s all the wisdom of Hashem
And only now we discovered them
Helping us to usher in
The final days of redemption