Do the stones that I see know there’s a G‑d
And the trees that I plant know who they are
And the ground that I walk on, know
There’s a G‑d who created them long ago

And the animals that roam upon our land
Do they know they’re all part of G‑d’s plan
Like the water that rushes through the stream
Do they know, they’re all part of G‑d’s dream

Do they feel it when the Shabbos comes
And do they know that we’re the chosen ones
And did they cry in silence in 1944
And do they cry when Israel goes to war

And do they cry when our soldiers die in vain
Give away our holy land, just for fame
The home land G‑d gave to you and me
They say “no thanks”
We’d rather be in history

When Moshiach finally arrives
I’ve read the stones will come alive
And they’ll stand up tall for all to see
And say: “sinner, why did you step on me?”

I’m a stone, and I know I’m hard and cold
But I did exactly as I was told
And you, you should have served Hashem
You had free choice, now how are we better than them?

And we’ll look back at these days, and wonder
We had the chance to serve our G‑d with thunder
And when it’s over don’t be taken by surprise
For when the challenge is gone,
So is the prize!