Goodness and Kindness

On a cold winters day
On a busy city street
Wearing tinted glass
And an eye dog at his feet
Sitting on a milk box
I tell you he looked strange
To all the passers by, he said
“Can you spear a little change?”

I reached into my jacket
I gave him what I had
I know it wasn’t much
But I’m sure I made him glad
He was steering at the floor
As I walked away
Then I heard his tired voice
Turn to me and say

All I really need now
To see through the darkness
Is more random acts
Of goodness and kindness
Lend a helping hand
Put a smile on your face
That’s all we need to do
To make the world a better place

He was standing in the mall
No more than five years old
And from his big blue eyes
The bitter tears, they rolled
I cannot find my mother
And I don’t know where I am
Well come here little fellow
Let me help you if I can

All he really needs now…

So go and volunteer
Do a favor here and there
Walk up to a perfect stranger
Let him know you care
Help the lady with her bags
And the person dressed in rags
Give a child a better start
And do it from the heart

‘Cuz all they really need now….

And in a world so disillusioned
Where we don’t know wrong from right
It’s as if we’ve all gone blind
And lost our sight
But we don’t need no walking stick
To guide us through our day
Just put your hand in mine
And together we’ll pave the way