The Orphan

As a child of only five
Right before his father died
He called him by his name
And said, please stand here by my side
Because I will soon be gone
I’ll be going to the sky
And my dear son Yisroel
Be strong and do not cry

Hashem will be with you
Everywhere you go
And you’ll never be alone
Make the Torah your home
And listen to my words
Serve Hashem with joy
Because it’s an honor and a gift to be
G‑d’s chosen little boy

Yisroel had no family
And nowhere to turn
He wandered in the forest
And for his dad he yearned

Once he was asked aren’t you frightened
To be here all alone?
He said what is there to fear
When Hashem is everywhere


Yisroel grew up fast
As he roamed from town to town
Always with his holy books
And never ever with a frown

His days were spent studying Torah
And in the night he did the same
And no one ever knew
That the Baal Shem Tov was his name


The Baal Shem Tov started teaching
All across the land
He taught the deepest part of Torah
In a way that we can all understand

He taught with opened arms
With a smile made of gold
How to love your fellow Jew
He taught the young and old