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The Weekly Torah Portion

In ASL (American Sign Language)


The Weekly Torah Portion: In ASL (American Sign Language)

Discover the meaning and significance of the weekly Torah portion.

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Rabbi Farhi brooklyn, NY United States May 29, 2012

Great!!! We agree and thank you that one of the country have a learning school Reply

Raquel Atlantic City, NJ December 31, 2010

WoW Uplifting, to the point, and beautifully signed. :) Reply

Laura Hollywood, FL December 28, 2010

Beautiful! I teach ASL at a Yeshiva school, so this is especially pertinent. I am so happy someone took the time to post videos. I've been telling my kids that there were resources out there, but WHO KNEW! <smile> Keep them coming, please! Reply

ephraym madisonville, tx, usa December 25, 2010

The weekly Torah Portion in ASL To have the weekly torah portion is a huge blessing for those hearing impaired community that desire to walk the torah life. I would love to work with you on developing the torah teachings in ASL if it is possible for me to assist / serve this purpose. Bless you. Reply

Anonymous Baltimore December 24, 2010

parsha for the deaf Fantastic!
Sweet and concise. Reply

Russ Bellerose, NY December 24, 2010

Fantastic... About time! I know many deaf Jews need v-logs like this...keep it up and I look forward to many, many more. Reply

Amuela December 22, 2010

Parash for the deaf thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
todah for this - reaching out to the deaf and hard of hearing. I will be coming back everyday so see more. :-) Reply