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Shavuot: The Giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai

with Joshua and Yaakov in ASL (American Sign Language)


Shavuot: The Giving of the Torah: with Joshua and Yaakov in ASL (American Sign Language)

A lively discussion of what happened at Mount Sinai when G-d gave the Torah to the Jews. In American Sign Language.
Giving of the Torah, Shavuot

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Anonymous Rochester May 13, 2013

to: Thank you,Thank you... 1. yaakov and joshua r the same person. 2. his name is yehoshua/joshua 3. he has been deaf all his life, and so has his whole family, unfortanatly. He may be french, but he never learned it. he only "speaks" ASL. i mean, obviously he knows english if he knows ASL but you get what i mean...

PS. great job! love it! It looks so cool, im considering learning ASL...i wish. that would take years
s/o from rochester Reply

Anonymous London, England August 2, 2011

Compile all clips onto DVD! I have a great idea! Why not compile all the clips you have made and burn them onto the DVD? Make a few hundred copies and sell them worldwide!
I would love to purchase a copy and watch whatever I want at anytime! Reply

M H May 29, 2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have saved my grade in Intro to ASL! i know the basics of the concepts you are signing so, with the subtitles, i can follow the message and the signing. Your signing is fast, spunky and fun and i love your skit and the beautiful Chassidus! Thank you! Keep it coming! May we merit "kabalas hatorah b'simcah u'b'pnimius"!

BTW, I know Yaakov is French so where did he learn such fluent ASL? Reply

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