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Jewish History

Explore the rich history of our people from biblical times to the dark ages and more.

The Beginning
The first in a series of Jewish History: From Creation to our Forefathers; an in-depth look at this important part of history and the making of the Jewish people, from year 0-2255 of creation.
The Exodus from Egypt
From the decent to Egypt in the year 2238 (from creation) to arriving in the Promised Land in the year 2488.
Joshua and the Judges
Audio | 1:18:56
Joshua and the Judges
History of the Jews: The life of Joshua and the Judges, spanning the years 2488 (from creation) when the Jews entered the land of Israel, until year 2832 - the death of Samson.
Samuel & Saul
Audio | 1:08:42
Samuel & Saul
History of the Jews: The era of transition in leadership from Judges to Kings, covering the years (from creation) 2830; the birth of Samuel the Prophet through 2892; the end of King Saul and his son’s rein.
King David
The period of King David and King Solomon’s reign and the construction of the Holy Temple; from the year 2892 to 2964 of creation.
The Kingdom of Israel
Audio | 1:17:25
The Kingdom of Israel
The division of the nation into the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel until the latter was disbanded and the ten tribes were exiled and dispersed; in the years 2964 to 3205 from creation.
First Temple Destruction
The First Temple’s destruction in the year 3338 (from creation) and the Babylonian exile until the construction of the Second Temple in year 3408.
Second Temple Era - 1
Part 1
The special role of the Men of the Great Assembly, the sovereignty of the Greeks and the influence of Hellenism with the story of Chanukah.
Second Temple Era - 2
Part 2
The period after the Hasmenian victory (the Macabees) of the Chanukah story until Herod before the Temple’s destruction.
2nd Temple Destruction
Jewish history: from the ruthless reign of Herod to the destruction of the second temple in 69 CE.
The Compilation of the Oral Tradition
The sages of the Mishnah who transmitted and recorded the Oral Law.
Babylonian Jewry
Audio | 1:04:03
Babylonian Jewry
The era of Talmudic and Gaonic Jewry from the year 219 CE to 1038 CE.
The Dark Ages - Europe
Audio | 1:05:36
The Dark Ages - Europe
The history of the Jews in Spain from the year 500 to 1000.
The Rambam - Maimonides
The Codification of the Talmud in the 11th and 12th century.
French Jewry
Audio | 1:15:07
French Jewry
The Jews of France and Germany and the Crusades from the 10th through the 13th century.
Spanish Jewry
Audio | 1:14:33
Spanish Jewry
From the 13th century until the expulsion of the Jews from Spain.
German Jewry
Audio | 1:13:16
German Jewry
The Jews in England and Germany and their persecution in the Middle Ages.
The Jews of Tzefat
Audio | 1:09:06
The Jews of Tzefat
The settlement of Jews in Sefad with Rabbi Yosef Cairo and the Holy Ari following the expulsion from Spain.
Polish Jewry & Enlightenment
The Jews of Poland in the 17th & 18th century: the Chmielnitzki massacres, the Sabbatai Tzevi movement and the rise of enlightenment.
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