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The Kabbalah of Jewish History

For some 2000 years, Jews have lived in the Diaspora, often under belligerent nations. We believe that every nuance of history is by divine design. This series offers a glimpse into G-d's greater plan for the Jewish nation.

Rise of Rome (1)
Audio | 52:31
Rise of Rome (1)
2000 years ago, the Romans destroyed our Temple. Since then, Jews have mostly lived in countries ruled by Esau's progeny: the "Edomite nations". What spiritual plan did G-d have in mind when He mapped out this path for Jewish history?
Rise of Rome (2)
Audio | 58:51
Rise of Rome (2)
Jacob & Esau were different from birth, polarized-twins; their personal differences translated into centuries of international conflict. Yet, beneath Esau's rough, ruddy exterior lies something special that Jacob has been battling for centuries to unearth.
The Oral Tradition
For nearly 1000 years, most of Judaism was transmitted verbally, from teacher to student and father to son. At the dawn of Roman dominance over Israel, the Sages began to record the Oral Tradition. What distinguishes this extensive treasure of knowledge from the original Scriptures?
Mishnah: The Queen
Audio | 53:22
Mishnah: The Queen
All of existence operates on a male/female system. Discover why Judaism's most pristine legal work, the Mishnah, encapsulates the feminine side of Torah and why the Torah is near-meaningless without it.
Gathering Sheaves
Audio | 52:23
Gathering Sheaves
We Jews are day laborers, sifting through life's many experiences, collecting and collating spiritual energy centers. Without the guidance of the Oral Tradition, we might not succeed.
Wrestling with the World
Many people find Talmud study to be a great challenge. Its logical twists, turns and tangents seem to defy normative logic. Like the unpredictable world we live in, Talmud appears cryptic and possibly inaccessible.
Talmud: the Quantum Leap
Talmud is central in Torah study; in fact, Yeshiva students spend the lion's share of their day studying Talmud. It does more than keep Jewish minds active; it holds the secret to transforming our world.
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