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Ki Teitzei

How Two Russian-Born Crypto-Jews Rediscovered Their Identity
One day, as I was washing my grandmother’s hands before eating challah, Svetlana smiled and said that she, too, was Jewish. I was surprised because she often mentioned her Greek Orthodox beliefs and wore a crucifix around her neck.
10 Ways to Be More Responsible
While it’s true that everything is directed from Above, the one thing that isn’t are our choices and reactions, and to a large extent, they help determine our destiny.
How Do You Feel Connected to a Man You Never Knew?
What is 770? What is Eastern Parkway? You’re born and raised in Brooklyn, a 30-minute drive from there, but you have no idea that place exists or why it does.
How I Will Celebrate Rosh Hashanah Alone
I’m an older woman, living alone. I'll be observing the holidays at home, by myself.
Why Must I Work at My Marriage?
Isn’t Love Natural?
In the real world we don’t just ride into the sunset and live happily ever after.
The Three Forms of Betrothal
Judaism’s perspective and insight into the profound meaning, beauty, romance and mystery of marriage can be discovered by exploring the meaning behind the seemingly technical details of the law.
Gozez - Shearing
Audio | 2:15
Gozez - Shearing
The Belated Dinner
After waiting for what seems like an eternity, his wife places a plate before him. He takes a look, and all he sees is a hard-boiled egg and a potato!