In the last shiur, we encountered the paradox of Klipah’s enigmatic sustainability, focusing on Yishmael as an example. Inasmuch as Klipah has no direct connection with the source of life and being, from where does it derive its power and longevity?

The answer is that, as with anything that exists, the source of being is Kedusha. The mechanism whereby Klipah is sustained, however, is indirect, by way of Makiffim, which precludes any unity with Kedusha.

The Maamar then goes on to elaborate on the concept that whatever is found in the dimension of Kedusha, has a corresponding, albeit corrupt, counterpart in the realm of Klipah.

Both, for example, depend upon Ohr Pnimi and Ohr Makkif. Having established this principle the Maamar, begins to explore the role of Ohr Makkif, first in the realm of Kedusha.

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