The Paradox of Kelipah: from where does it acquire its longevity?

Makiffim elicited by מצוות לא תעשה are instrumental in excluding forces of the other side from attaining nurture from the Makiffim of Kedushah. To understand this, we must first understand the general relationship between Kelippah and Kedushah as exemplified in the relationship of Avraham Avinu with Yishmael.

The maamar explains this by way of a Mashal. A bar of silver inevitably contains a small percentage of dross. Once the dross (contaminant) is excluded by means of refinement, the silver is pure.

The Nimshal is obvious. Yishmael (dross) – the firstborn – exits first, which then allows the purity of Yitzchok to be born uncontaminated. The superfluous dross (Yishmael), being of no significance, should then be simply discarded and cease to be.

Yishmael, however, seems to take on a life far beyond that which would be expected. What is the secret of his power?

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