You wander through the aisles, selecting products and placing them in your cart. You may have the supermarket mapped out and follow a carefully planned route from the paper products to the freezer section. Or you might run haphazardly back and forth, as you remember what you should have picked up three aisles earlier. Some of us know where we're headed in life, while others go in circles.

Perhaps you're from a small town with nothing more than a one-man convenience store, and are entering a supermarket for the first time. You'd stumble around wide-eyed, ogling at the variety and sheer quantity of products. You may even be tempted to take "one of this" and "one of that" and pile your shopping cart high. You'd soon realize that there's only so much your shopping cart can hold, only so much you can use. Life offers diverse experiences and opportunities, but nobody has it all. Take what you can handle and be successful, rather than trying to get everything.

Life offers diverse experiences and opportunities, but nobody has it allAs you meander through the rows of products, you might not find what you're looking for. Luckily, help is at hand. Look out for people wearing store uniforms and they will readily assist you. Look around and you'll find guides for life, people who know more than you do and can make your journey more pleasant, your goals more accessible.

Every once in a while you'll encounter friendly, yet persistent, people who want to sell you an "amazing new product" you don't want and most likely don't need. Avoid the candy-coated superficialities of life, regardless of how well they may be marketed. Stay focused on what you really want to achieve.

Any good store will advise you to buy frozen goods last, and common sense says do the same with eggs. Living life to the fullest is about prioritizing, so that the sensitive parts of living don't crack under pressure, and so you can experience special moments while they last.

Once you've selected everything you need, it's time to check out. You can really have whatever you want from the shop, but you have to pay for it. At the till, you may decide you don't really need an item or realize that the advertised price was wrong and the bargain you thought you were getting is really no bargain. No problem, you can discard the unwanted items before you pay.

Do we really want to take all of last year with us?Rosh Hashanah is checkout time for the year. As we line up at the Supernal Till, it's time to reflect on this year's journey. Did we rush through the aisles collecting stuff, or did we stop to greet the friends we met en route? What have we loaded in our life's trolley? Do we really want to take all of last year with us or would we rather get rid of some of the poor choices we've made while we still can?

There's little time left before the New Year, but it's still not too late to run back into the store, and add one or two things to your cart. Another mitzvah or an extra prayer, a smile or a phone call.

It's almost closing time. Time to get your shopping cart in order.