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On Food

Shopping Through Life
As we line up at the Supernal Till, it's time to reflect on this year's journey. Did we rush through the aisles collecting stuff, or did we stop to greet the friends we met en route? What have we loaded in our life's trolley?
The Cholent Cook-Off
My cholent is a concoction of: a bow to ancient tradition, a recognition of life's bitterness and sweetness, and deference to my pedigree as a fourth-generation American
Vegetable Soup
There's nothing like a hot nourishing bowl of soup to soothe the mind -- and the ego...
Brain Control
Our stomachs are, in a way, smarter than our brains...
Why a Happy Marriage Is Like Matzo Ball Soup
8 delicious, humorous, and insightful tips just waiting to be sampled and internalized.