People look for deep things in high places. Like lofty mountaintops and profound philosofizicationing. But the Infinite Light is simple. And so it is found in the simplest of places.

Like this little girl lighting a candle. Looks pretty innocent, right? But the Kabbalist will tell you that this little girl is the sefira of Malchut bringing the light of the innermost of Chochmah into the created worlds of Briah, Yetsirah and Assiah. And that innermost light is the same as the innermost of the Ancient of Days, a.k.a. the Hidden Light of the Seven Days of Creation which is in turn the innermost of the Infinite Light—meaning The Essence. Now we're getting heavy. Simple=heavy. Get it?

The main point is: Wanna impact the world big time? Get Kabbalistic. Get a little girl to light a candle. There's a lot more power in that little candle than in all the philosofications of your entire library.