They packed their bags
Took some stuff
And got on horse and wagons
Going to the Beis Hamikdash
In Yerushalayim
And there they saw
The king stand
Up on a wooden stage
As from the Torah he read
And this is what he said

Listen folks what’s written here
Is all that i will say
Our holy torah and the mitzvos
We must all obey
Love Hashem and be good
The king called out
To fear Hashem
Is what this gathering is all about

Now every year
After Shemitah
Again and again
When the king would read
It would be o
As if from Hashem
Mothers and fathers
Sons and daughters
All came there
In the Hakhel year
Everybody came to hear

Now that we’ve got no Mikdash
And we’re all alone
In every country throughout the world
All the Jews do roam
Let’s not forget
What they did then
And do the same today
Gather all your friends
And this is what you’ll say

Listen folks…