The sun does what it was created to do: it sheds warmth and light and healing rays into our world. At times, clouds obscure its radiant energy. Yet the sun does not stop shining. The occurrence of rain or snow storms may further block the sun’s light and warmth. Nonetheless, this majestic golden globe retains its position and purpose in our atmosphere.

By doing its job, the sun provides for us in numerous ways. Its rising and setting determine our day and night. Its energy warms our world, creating an environment suitable for human and animal life. Its light allows for vegetation to flourish. Sunlight is the source of Vitamin D, crucial for our bone development and growth. The sun attracts seekers of warmth and light without promoting itself. Additionally, the sun basks the moon with light, thereby illuminating our nights.

G‑d also created us with Divine purpose. He invested His light within us. We too have the ability to shine. When we are fulfilling our personal missions, doing His will, we warm our world and we nurture growth in our environments. We have the potential to be lights of inspiration and healing to others. We are learning to weather storms without losing sight of our role in Creation.

Each day all of creation praises G‑d with its own unique song. The verses sung by the sun reflect its allegiance to G‑d and its generosity to others.

The sun does not stop and think: do I choose to rise today? Will I be give of my light freely? Will I overlook the clouds that come to obscure me? Would I rather be another star or a moon or a planet?

G‑d grants us new life each day. Do we second guess His will? Do we stay under the covers or do we thank Him for returning our soul? Do we begin our day with prayer and meditation? Do we do the next right thing? Do we give the benefit of the doubt to others who appear to stand in our way, perhaps blocking our light? Do we forgive ourselves for creating our own cloud cover? Do we stick with our programs when things get rough? Do we give of ourselves freely, offering service and helping others?

We are not robots; indeed, we have been granted freedom of moral choice. Let us choose to align ourselves with our true natures: our shining, radiant, healing, pure selves. G‑d gave us unique gifts so that each of us may be ourselves; we don’t need to be anyone else. Just as He placed the sun exactly where it needs to be-a little closer and our world would burn, a little further and we would freeze, so, too, He created each of us perfectly. Acceptance of our own essence is a hallmark of recovery.

Once every 28 years, the sun returns to its original spot in Creation. It is a rare occurrence. When we bless this important event, we are connecting with G‑d’s placement of the sun in its exact position nearly 6000 years ago. Let this momentous occasion which falls Wednesday April 8th be an inspiration to us. Think about it, some number of years or decades ago, G‑d placed each of us in His world exactly where He wants us to be. He chose for us precisely which set of parents and siblings, which genetics, which strengths, and which weaknesses are the perfect formulas for each of us to fulfill the Divine calling for our individual and unique soul.

As the sun rises and sets, let us, too, steadfastly fulfill the will of our Creator. Let us use this historic opportunity to connect our identities and our behaviors with G‑d’s intention when He created each one of us, however many years ago that may have been. In G‑d’s world, we, too, can return to our selves. Let’s not wait another 28 years.