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Where and when is this blessing performed? How long is the service? Can I do Birkat Hachamah at home? Why every 28th year? And much more...
Why every 28th year? How does this relate to the equinox? The detailed calculations and explanations.
So it seems the Jewish rabbis knew their stuff. If so, the question is even stronger: If they could figure that out, why are they so far off with this blessing on the sun? So what gives?
Unable to Label
A Once-In-28-Years Insight
I am the queen of masking tape. Labels are my forte... But there are some things that I have been trying to label for years and fallen short. Grass. Sunshine. The lovely vicissitudes of weather...
When the Sun Sings Again
Why do we chant the blessing only when the sun arrives at its point of origin? Why don't we bless G‑d for the sun every day?
Lessons of the Sun
Just as He placed the sun exactly where it needs to be-a little closer and our world would burn, a little further and we would freeze, so, too, He created each of us perfectly. Acceptance of our own essence is a hallmark of recovery.
Unclouded Vision
Why can't we recite the blessing if the day is overcast -- aren't we still benefiting from the sun?