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Tutorials, News Clips, Solar Energy & In-Depth Study

Live Webcasts
Watch live broadcasts of "Birkat Hachamah" ceremonies being held around the world.
The Blessing for the Sun
A Birkat Hachamah Primer
Every twenty-eighth year in the springtime, Jews gather in public to recite The Blessing of the Sun--one of the rarest and least-known practices in Judaism.
The Secret of the Sun
Audio | 1:22:10
The Secret of the Sun
The Great Luminaries and the Clarification of Reality
Examining the inner meaning of the blessing of the sun from the perspective of Kabbalah, and its relevance to current events.
Solar Energy
Video | 7:00
Solar Energy
11 Nissan, 5741 • April 15, 1981
There is a solution to America’s energy crisis: Solar Energy. Solar technology requires far less time to develop than other energy sources.
Blessing for the Sun Slideshow - Part 1
An illustrated explanation of why we make this blessing once every 28 years. Engaging, informative and entertaining.
Blessing for the Sun Slideshow - Part 2
An explanation of how we can make a blessing on the sun at the beginning of its cycle--when it's visibly not at the beginning of its cycle.
Restored Footage Shows Historic Solar Blessing
Solar Blessing Ceremony at Lubavitch World Headquarters
News clips of the historic 1981 gathering outside Lubavitch World Headquarters, where thousands of men, women and children blessed G-d for creating the sun.
Our People Through the Ages
Nissan 4 5781 - April 8 1981
When beholding the mighty sun’s cycle renewed, it is time to strengthen awareness of G-d’s role in creation...
Nigunim and Prayers
Nissan 4 5781 - April 8 1981
Vintage footage of the Birkat Hachamah ceremony at 770—Lubavitch World Headquarters in 1981.