"Veyadaata" is one of the classics in Chasidic literature, this discourse is renowned for its simple yet profound explanation of the oneness of G‑d. At the same time it focuses on the challenges of day-to-day living, and explores the ways in which one can receive the inner G‑dly light that is invested in the physical world.

The maamar focuses on the verse,“And you shall know today and take it unto your heart, that Havayah is the E-lohim in the heavens above and the earth below, there is nothing else.”

Both Havayah (י-ה-ו-ה) and E-lohim (אלהי-ם) are names which refer to G‑d. As explained in the Kabbalah and in Midrash, the different names of G‑d represent different manifestations of His attributes. The maamar analyzes the difference between the qualities expressed by these two names. More significantly, it explains how Havayah which is identified with the revelation of G‑dliness and E-lohim which is identified with the attributes associated with His concealment are united to the point we can say, “Havayah is the E-lohim.”

Having explained these concepts, the maamar turns from the abstract conception of these ideas to their application in our everyday lives. It explains that each one of us faces challenges which appear to conceal G‑dliness. Nevertheless, in principle, these challenges are mediums to bring us to a deeper awareness of G‑d.