Where is the world's outrage? Why does no one ask where all the aid money has gone? Why is it up to the UN to build schools and hospitals while Arafat's wife lives in Paris and shops at Dior?
Not All is Doom and Gloom
For the first time in many years our country is united. Prayer groups are everywhere. Israeli flags are everywhere. Clowns are everywhere. Children of the South have been given "respite days"...
How to Win This War
Were the houses in Neve Dekalim any less of a home for their families than those in Tel Aviv or Rechovot? Or is a peaceful Shabbat meal in Ashkelon or Beer Sheva any less valuable than one in Sderot?
My Letter to an Injured Soldier
While we both got married and are blessed with wonderful partners in our work, only two months after your wedding, your wife is at the hospital bedside as you recover from your battle wounds...
Praying for the people of Gaza
You seriously want me to pray for "our beleaguered brothers and sisters in the Holy Land"? They have created the mess they now deplore and have subjugated 1.5 million Gazans to three years of inhumane and intolerable hell…
Why We Care About Israel
Why do rabbis expound on Israel's military strategy? Would we heed a dentist's opinion on an engineering problem? Herein lies the crux of the perplexing nature of the "Mideast conflict"...
Prince Harry's Slur and the War in Gaza
The vernacular in the British military is undoubtedly abundant with unsavory words and slurs. But the UK is in an uproar; they hold him to a higher standard. "We expect better from our Royal Family"...
Acting as an Arab
...And Learning to be Jewish
When having difficulty figuring out how to write about this conflict, I often think back to my time working on The Kingdom. The wonderful people I worked with. Ashraf's deep and earnest desire for peace...
Should I Pray for the Death of Terrorists?
The murder of others, even if they are the oppressors, seemingly amounts to a glorification of war... Prayer, I am told, is an act of enlightenment. Am I to pray for the brutal demise of the enemy?
When Compassion is Cruel
The bully begins his attack. At first it is only light slaps, but before long, it turns into merciless punches against my hapless boys. Ugly bruises are forming all over their bodies. So why do I stand at the sidelines waiting? I have many reasons...
Rejecting the Enemy's Narrative
Recent wars have changed the narrative; we are convinced that terror groups are indefatigable. They seem able to withstand all attacks. Confidence slowly erodes as we repeatedly ask: Can we win?
Hamas' Game Plan
Has there ever before been a "military" campaign waged by guerrilla fighters, terrorists, or soldiers where the game-plan has been focused on maximizing their own civilian casualties, to win a media war?
Of Straw and Stubble
Gaza Ethics
Many angles give necessary depth to the present scene, but I'm going to focus on a simple equation: Israel is a country with a large Jewish population, and many of their neighbors want them all dead.
Some More Journalistic Bias, Please?
We try to explain away evil as "misunderstood good." Often times, the only people that "enlightened" minds choose to label as evil are those who have the courage to identify evil for what it really is.
How Do I Explain Israel's Actions?
As the only Jew in my office, I face a daily barrage of questions about Israel's actions in Gaza. What do I say?
Guardians vs. Destroyers
When did we start treating those who blow themselves up on busses and lob rockets into kindergartens as soldiers in a legitimate army? How did the news media morph lawless terrorists into formal combatants?
Battle Fatigue and Deliverance
When reality has forced us to relinquish control, the ties of family and friendship are still within our purview. The bonds between us and those closest to us keep us going.
Through Sderot's Looking Glass
Suddenly, I understood. They are looking deeper than the PR war. They have given up on worrying about what others thought of them. They refuse to sacrifice their dignity to make others feel sorry for them
Again and Again, Never Again
"To the north is Gaza City. To the south are the refugee camps, Nusayrat, Dar al Balah, Khan Yunis and Rafah. Don't approach the fence and no sudden movements at night,"
The Worst Fifteen Seconds of Your Life
In vain, you attempt to squelch the dooming thoughts ablaze in your mind...the horrors of what could happen...what might be the terrifying end result.
Ban Ki-Moon accused Israel of "disproportionate and excessive use of force." Israel's "close friend and ally," the "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas, used words like "genocide," and "international terrorism"...
Benefit of the Doubt for Terrorists?
If I know someone is dealing drugs at the corner of my kids' school, I'm not meant to ignore that reality and simply approach this person with love. I'm duty-bound to protect my children...
The Israeli-Palestinian Cycle of Errors
56 percent of Israelis supposedly support the truce with Hamas. But 79 percent said they do not believe, or are inclined not to believe, that it will last for long. A very telling poll...
The Mystic Brother
Not much has changed in 3,600 years...
Why did they find it so very difficult to accept the guidance of a mystic brother, yet so easy to be subservient to a foreign Pharaoh?
A New Road Map for Peace
It's been like trying to get to the Golden Gate Bridge using a map of Lower Manhattan. The problem has nothing to do with traffic jams or poor driving; it has everything to do with using the wrong map
Israel and the Battered Woman
"It takes two to make a fight. So I must deserve this -- after all, I'm not perfect either. I left dishes in the sink and didn't have dinner ready when he came home. Sometimes, I was a little confused after he beat me up and didn't function so well.."
Fearing Our Own Strength
Israel will fight back until Hamas and Hezbollah accept a cease fire, at least for the time being. Yet that is exactly what we must fear...
Eyes Upon The Land
A presentation of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's views on the Jewish people's connection with the Holy Land, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the so-called "Land for Peace" issue
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