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News updates from the Gaza War, its effects on Israeli communities, and related Chabad activities and initiatives--both religious and humanitarian.

Quiet Disappears on Israel’s Other Borders
Residents of the northern Israel community of Kiryat Shemona ran to shelters Wednesday morning after enemy crews operating in Lebanon fired three Katyusha rockets across the border.
Families of Injured Israeli Soldiers Call for Continued Prayers
Jewish communities around the world are uniting in prayer for the complete recovery of civilians and soldiers injured since the beginning of Israel’s almost three-week-old offensive against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.
Reporter’s Notebook: Miracles and Wonders in Israel
Walking through the rubble on the floor of Gabi Ben-Hamu’s Be’er Sheva home on Sunday, everyone was talking about miracles.
Parents of Wounded Israeli Soldier Call Moderate Injuries Miraculous
The parents of a soldier injured Tuesday during Israel Defense Force operations in the Gaza Strip is terming as miraculous their son’s relatively moderate injuries following a mine explosion.
Schools Open Amid Rocket Fire as Israeli Offensive Heads Into Week Three
As Israel entered its third week of sustained fighting in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, several communities in the country’s south allowed schools to resume, albeit in bomb shelters.
Israeli Soldiers Carry Letters of Support Into Battle
On breaks between the fighting, Israeli soldiers operating in the Gaza Strip have been receiving hundreds of letters of encouragement written by people all over the world.
Residents on Israel's Coast Keep Strong
Photo Gallery
Since the beginning of the almost two-week-old Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, Chabad-Lubavitch centers in communities within range of Palestinian rockets have stepped up programs for frightened citizens.
Israelis Extend Help to War-Torn Residents
Teams of volunteers ran a family-fun day at a central Israel community center so that residents of towns in the range of Palestinian rockets could enjoy a day of quiet.
An Inside Look: Rocket Threat Keeps Israelis on Their Toes
First Person
A resident of Ashkelon, Israel, records his observations of living under the constant threat of rocket attack.
As Conflict Rolls On, Israelis See Miracles
As Israel’s offensive in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip stretched into its 12th day of air operations and fourth day of ground battles, soldiers in towns across the southern part of the country are going door to door to make sure that citizens are safe.
Sderot and Nitzan: Israeli Towns Where Rocket Strikes are a Part of Life
In the past three years, Palestinians living in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip have launched more than 6,000 rockets at southern Israel, timing the majority of their attacks to cause the most possible damage.
Israeli Casualties Particularly Hard for Visiting American Students
Campus Life
When more than 30 students from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign signed up for a free trip to Israel sponsored by Taglit-birthright israel and provided by Mayanot, they didn’t expect to arrive in a country at war.
Florida Family Dedicates Torah Scroll to Israeli Soldiers
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Israeli troops stationed at an army base near Beit El celebrated the dedication of a Torah scroll written specifically for the nation’s soldiers.
American Students Engage in Community Service While Israel Fights Latest War
Campus Life
A group of 37 students took part in an alternative winter break trip to Israel as the war raged in the Gaza Strip. The students say that wouldn’t have missed it for the world.
Soldiers Remain Confident After Two Days of Ground Fighting
After saying goodbye to Staff Sgt. Dvir Emanueloff – the 22-year-old elite soldier who came under mortar attack inside the Gaza Strip – Israelis woke up Monday to the news that five more soldiers and an officer had been injured in clashes with Hamas forces, and that another soldier had narrowly missed being kidnapped.
Israel Mourns Fallen Soldier After Start of Gaza Operation
Israelis young and old were saddened Sunday night after learning of the first military casualty of the now-nine day old offensive against Hamas targets in the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip.
Israeli Ground Incursion Begins as Tanks and Heavy Artillery File Into Gaza
After one week of pounding Hamas targets from the air, the Israel Defense Force sent columns of tanks, armored personnel carriers and heavy artillery into the Gaza Strip under the cover of darkness Saturday night.
Rockets Continue Falling as Israel Presses Ahead With Attacks on Gaza
Some of the largest rocket barrages of the past week rained down on Israel Wednesday and Thursday as the country continued its offensive against Hamas targets in the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip.
Ashkelon Neighbors Congregate After Missile Strike
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As Israel completed its fifth day of air strikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries in Israeli cities terrorized by Palestinian-fired rockets counseled frightened residents and soldiers.
Desert City Joins List of Targeted Israeli Locales, but Residents Cope
The desert city of Be’er Sheva joined the list of Israeli towns struck by ever-improving Palestinian rockets Tuesday night, but in the midst of the chaos, at least one function continued as if the country’s latest offensive against the Gaza Strip had not landed smack dab on its doorstep.
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