The tragic, the horrible, seemingly the worst that can ever happen happened. The internet stopped.

Complete halt. No slow connection. No overloaded servers needing a quick refresh. Just a complete stop. Nada. Zilch. Feels like you just got shot up on a rocket to Mars and now have zero connection to the outside galaxy surrounding you.

Okay, we didn't get to tour Mars. It was just some careless lawn care workers outside who managed to snap our cable wire.

So here I am walking around, somewhat frazzled. Feels like I'm lost.

Check the latest news going on worldwide? Can't. Find out who won last night's baseball game? Can't. Chat with the friends to see if they did anything cool in the last forty seconds? Can't.

I spend all day connected to cyberspace, using it more as a necessity than a luxury. My entire business communication relies on it, without it I just cannot work. Although I may not need the actual internet to produce my work, but not having it definitely plays a big role psychologically.

I took the day off, so tomorrow I'll have double the amount of work. I'll live with it.

I went to the park, had a baseball catch with my brother, climbed a tree, and jumped into the pool out in the yard. I had a summer night barbecue with the entire family. I relaxed a bit, and relived all those old-fashioned things. There's nowhere to run, no one to chase after. CNN's breaking news will just have to be broken without me.

It's sad but it's true. This is the world we live in nowadays. Everything is centered around the internet. You don't even realize to what an extent we rely on it on a daily basis. You feel lost without it.

My advice? Cut your own internet cable. Do it just for fun. Do it to relive the day when we didn't know what our friends across the country were eating for lunch, when we spoke to people on the telephone. For the day when going out to the park to have a baseball toss with your brother was nothing out of the ordinary. Do it to keep on living normally.

So did we go to the hotel down the block with our laptops to inhale some Wifi? I won't lie. But we stuck it out till 9 pm.

So here I am. I want to email this for proof-reading, but I can't. I have no internet.