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On Technology

7 Life Lessons From My Pool Robot Cleaner
Chassidic teachings encourage us to learn from everything we encounter in life.
Radios and Judaism
The ability to send invisible, silent signals through the air, to pass them through a mechanical device and transform them into soundl—now that’s what I call a miracle!
8 Ways to Harness Social Media to Inspire Jewish Life
Social media enables each of us to become an online publisher, influencing what others read, think about and discuss.
Why Is Social Media so Addictive?
Recognition hunger, like many worldly desires and addictions, can never be satisfied.
When the Casino Went Dark
Who are we when the lights are dim and we feel alone?
11 Ways to Show Kindness on the Internet
Some examples of virtual kindness that everyone can implement, which will leave a positive impact on the people in your networks.
Social Media and Polarization
In our fast-paced digital world, is it possible to take the time to review and gather all the necessary information before judging a situation?
“I’m Mr. Opportunity; I’m Back – And I’m Knockin’”
Yes, it looks just like any other car on the surface – but do you have any idea of what it's truly capable of achieving? There are incredible powers lurking beneath the hood.
The Day the Internet Died
The tragic, the horrible, seemingly the worst that can ever happen happened. The internet stopped.
Meditations on the Usefulness of Stuff
“Not often useful.” My Pavlovian response to that elegant formulation is euphoria. I think I will adopt it as my own. Things happen, and now I will be prepared . . .
I Facebook, Therefore I Am?
I've just signed on to Facebook. Immediately, I clicked on the "my friends" tab and sure enough the computer informed that that "You have no friends." I was devastated
Can You Prove You're Not a Machine?
In the old days, we were always asking the opposite question: the biology assignment was to prove that a car is not a living organism. But modern life has turned the question around...
Global Husband Positioning System
How to get your husband to follow instructions and even ask (!) for directions - in four easy steps
Brain Shutdown Syndrome
What the GPS taught me
What the GPS taught me
Personal Distraction Accessory
(Otherwise known as the PDA)
It's the paradox of modern life: we're connected all the time, so were never connected to this moment in time...
Eat, Pray, Facebook
Leave a message in my inbox, send me a virtual holiday card, graffiti my wall. Flip through my photo albums for your entertainment and, should you still feel bored, my journal is available for midday reading. We seem to wear our persona on our screens, leaving almost nothing to the imagination...
The Eye in the Sky
Someone's Watching You
Celebrities have this problem all the time. They can never do anything 'off the record.'
MP3s and the Good Enough Revolution
Are you investing your life savings based on wikinformation? Are you treating a fatal condition based on a health blog you found? Are you calling a once-in-a-lifetime business contact on a VOIP line?
The Kabbalah of Cars
Infiniti. Millennia. Focus. Quest. Venture. Are these sacred teachings of Jewish mysticism evoking spiritual ideation and feeling? Or the names given by automobile manufacturers for their cars?
Simplicity 2.0
Before the 20th Century, "social networking" meant that either people visited you, or you visited them. Back then, "blackberries" were eaten, only birds "twittered" and your "facebook" was an album of monochrome lithographs...
A Houseplant Named Ned
I think I am going to buy a houseplant and name it Ned. I realized I needed a houseplant after my internet stopped working a few hours ago, and there was nobody around to talk to. Mostly I will talk to Ned about the word "in."
My GPS's Identity Crisis
Do I detect a hint of snobbery in the polite lady's automated voice as she patiently informs me that she is "recalculating" (yes, I'm not even good at following spoon-fed instructions)? Perhaps she's really thinking to herself, "You poor idiot..."
Ctrl C, Ctrl V or Ctrl Z?
What your computer's buttons can teach you about yourself
Many understand repentance, Teshuvah, as a radical change in one's behavior or an importation of something foreign--to "Copy and Paste."
Sounds of Silence
When we get to the climax of the prayer service, the top rung of the ladder, the Amida, what do we hear? Nothing. Just lips moving. But why? Why, after all the hub-bub, when we get to the heart of our personal conversation with G-d, do we finally go silent?
Six Things I Learned from a Gravitational Wave
It’s a phenomenon predicted by Albert Einstein nearly a century ago, but never directly observed until now . . .
Trauma Worldwide as Apple Drops Headphone Jack
About iPhone 7 & moving forward in life
Sometimes you need to move forward in life. And usually that means dropping something that’s tying you down.