His dream was finally fulfilled. After many years of suffering behind the Iron Curtain, Meir was allowed to travel to the Holy Land. 

It was what he had always envisioned, “a land flowing with milk and honey.” Feeling elated, Meir walked from field to field. He soon encountered an exquisite orchard, rich with luscious fruit, and he happily sat on a bench to relax beneath a large shady tree. “An ideal place for a snack!” Meir thought. He picked a fruit, made a blessing with great enthusiasm, and enjoyed every bite.

As he ate, the outraged owner of the orchard sat on the bench beside him. “My dear friend,” said the owner with disdain, “don’t you know that it says in the Torah: ‘Thou shalt not steal?’”

Meir leaned back on the bench, took a deep breath, put his arm around the owner, and said, “Wow! Israel is truly amazing: Crisp air, beautiful scenery and delicious fruit. And, to top it all off, while enjoying all these pleasures, someone comes and shares a word of Torah!”

“He who learns and learns, but acts not upon what he knows,
is like one who plows and plows, but never sows.”

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
But, in practice, there is.”