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Behind each of the commandments that define Jewish life stands a rich world of Torah insight, discussion and debate. This is the world of the Talmud and of the great authorities of Jewish learning, who probed the meaning of the Bible’s commandments, and the manifold details of their practice and application, from the time of Moses until the present day. This is the theoretical world of the yeshivah, in which students delight in the nuanced flourishes of an elegant argument, and thrive on the drama of clever proofs and sharp rebuttals. This is the world that we invite you to enter.

The articles in this section are designed to take you on a deep dive into the Torah debates “behind the scenes” of the commandments that define Jewish life. Each article will guide you through key Torah sources from the Biblical verses all the way to contemporary discussions of how these commandments apply in the present day. None of these articles are exhaustive, nor are they the final word with regard to actual halachic practice. There is much, much more to learn about every single one of these mitzvot, and when it comes to practical questions a competent halachic authority should be consulted.

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