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Inspiring stories about kaddish – from Talmudic times to the 21st century.

Kaddish in the Kazakhstani Desert
A beautiful and impressive synagogue appeared before us as though it had fallen from the sky . . .
A Short Visit
When I visit my parents’ graves, I am usually at a loss, unsure what to say and what to do. Are there prayers I should be saying? Should I be reading Psalms, and if so, which ones? Do I have a chat with them? What do I say?
Kaddish at a Baseball Game
“Baseball is like poetry,” Dad would say, where innings become rhythms of pace and pause. Father and son, side by side, the diamond before us.
Rabbi Akiva and the Orphan
The classic story to explain why a mourner says kaddish
Yisroel stood in the doorway, cheeks and nose bright red from the cold, snow encrusting his thick brown bangs. “My mother is still not here, and I’m frozen. Can I wait inside?”
A Kaddish Poem
Kaddish and Other Questions That Make Me Crazy
Kaddish with Oprah
During my eleven months of saying Kaddish, I ended up in various minyans from San Francisco to Halifax, but the phone call in New York was the start of what turned out to be perhaps the most interesting Kaddish experience of them all...
My JetBlue Minyan
A trip to the Holy Land became a spiritual experience even before we took off.
I Am My Father
I love my father because when I bow my head, close my eyes and think for a moment about who I am, my father is there. To want my father I just have to be his son...
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