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The Origins and Significance of the Yizkor Memorial Prayer... The Rubric of the Memorial Service... Text of the Yizkor... For Whom Yizkor Is Recited... When Is Yizkor Recited? ... Candle Lighting for Yizkor...
About the Yahrzeit... Yahrzeit Home Observances... The Yahrzeit Candle... Synagogue Yahrzeit Observances... Cemetery Yahrzeit Observances... Calculating the Date of the Yahrzeit...
My First Yizkor
For the first 33 years of my life, I never probed the reason why non-mourners leave the room. I was happy to be legally expelled from the synagogue and catch a schmooze with a fellow yizkor-evacuee...
What is the Significance of the Yizkor Memorial Prayer?
Yizkor in Hebrew means “to remember.”
Yizkor, the memorial prayer for departed loved ones, is said four times a year.
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