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A selection of stories and personal accounts about the recitation of kaddish.

What Is Kaddish?
The Meaning of Kaddish... The Six Forms of Kaddish... Kaddish is for the Living... Restoring Perfections... The Power of One's Children…
Why Do Mourners Recite Kaddish?
Many find it intriguing that the Kaddish makes no mention of the deceased. Kaddish speaks of G-d's greatness. What does this have to do with the one for whom I am saying Kaddish?
Why and When Did Mourners Start Saying Kaddish Together?
In the past, only one mourner was honored with the task of saying Kaddish, which makes sense
Can We Still Be In Touch?
I am almost embarrassed to say it, but I went to my grandmother's grave and begged her to come to my wedding. Did she hear me?
Celebrate on the Anniversary of Death?
Why all the joy on the day of the passing of the great sage Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai?
Every year on the holiday of Lag BaOmer, we go to the park, have bonfires and live music and many celebrations. I never understood this. Are we supposed to have celebrations on the anniversary of someone’s passing?
Why Do We Light a Yahrtzeit Memorial Candle?
And when and how is it done?
We Jews light a whole lot of candles for the dead. What is the reason behind the candle, and when did the custom begin?
 Why Say Kaddish for a Dad Who Abandoned Me?
What’s the point, if all I feel is spite?
Why is the Kaddish in Aramaic?
Why is the kaddish prayer said in Aramaic? I understand that it was composed when Aramaic was the vernacular for most Jews, but why has it not been changed to Hebrew since?
How Old Is the Kaddish?
...and when did it become a prayer for mourners?
Are There Different Kinds of Kaddish?
...and which ones go where?
What's the Main Point of the Kaddish?
...and why does He need us to bless His name?
What Do the Words of Kaddish Mean?
...besides just the translation
Why Does A Mourner Say Kaddish?
...and how it can help a parent
Who Says the Kaddish For Whom?
...and what to do if no one is saying it
What Is a “Yahrzeit”?
Yahrzeit refers to the anniversary (on the Hebrew calendar) of the date of a person’s passing.
Why Is a Minyan Needed for Kaddish?
In this new era of COVID-19, when virtually all synagogues are closed, many are tempted to say the Kaddish even while alone.
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