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Tefillin Information

Read how Tefillin touched the lives of so many -- from the soldier to the traveler to the archeologist. Read it in their own words.

What Are Tefillin?
The who, what, when, where and why of the little black boxes.
How to Put on Tefillin
This Tefillin Wizard leads you through the daily tefillin-donning procedure. Six simple steps to elevating your arm, head and day . . .
Purchasing Tefillin - A Buyer's Guide
Feeling lost? We're here to help. Understand the intricacies of purchasing your tefillin.
How Tefillin Are Made
This four-part wizard will lead you through the tefillin making process. Learn how the scrolls, boxes, and straps are manufactured.
Jay's Multimedia Tefillin Guide
A Virtual Guide for Wrapping Black Leather
14 Tefillin Facts Every Jew Should Know
Discover something you did not know about this central mitzvah.
9 Tefillin Myths and Misconceptions
We all might have heard one or more of these "facts" about Tefillin. Let's see how "true" they are.
Do Your Tefillin Need Expert Repair?
The Layman's Guide for Conducting an 8-Point Tefillin Inspection
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