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Audio Classes on Tefillin

The Mitzvah that binds our minds with our hearts and deeds, and allows a daily reunification within ourselves and with G-d.

Strapped to the Divine
Does G-d really have tefillin? Discover the mystical meaning to the mitzvah of tefillin.
Reflections on Tefillin
The message of Tefillin and the significance of the global Tefillin campaign.
Tefillin: Crown of Glory
Audio | 52:49
Tefillin: Crown of Glory
This class sets forth many insights into the mitzvah of tefillin and illuminates numerous nuances according to kabbalah.
The Mitzvah of Tefillin
This lecture surveys some of the laws and customs on the mitzvah for men to don “teffilin” on the arm and head.
Kitzur Chapter 10:1 - 10:3
Laws of Tefillin
Audio | 43:14
Audio | 35:21
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