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Advanced Tefillin Studies

Advanced study on the mitzvah of Tefillin -- how they are made, tefillin in Jewish texts, the mystical significance, and more...

Tefillin Explained
A brief treatise on the significance of this important Mitzvah, including some basic laws, prayers and diagrams.
In addition to a discussion of the profound effect tefillin have upon the mind and heart, this booklet also includes practical laws, detailed photographs, translations and transliterations of the appropriate blessings, plus the Shema prayer.
Laws for Donning Tefillin
Some things to keep in mind and look out for when you put on tefillin
The Talmud on Tefillin
Tefillin are mentioned over 500 times in the Talmud, in groundlaying deliberations of laws and lore. We present here some of the salient discussions, translated and annotated for accessible study
Maimonides on Tefillin
Excerpts from the Mishneh Torah, the Rambam's magnum opus of Halacha, on Tefillin.
How Tefillin Are Constructed
A detailed look into the process of making tefillin, including the laws that pertain to the quill, ink, parchment and straps
Maamar on Tefillin
The Chassidic discourse that describes the potency of the mitzvah of tefillin, recited by boys at their bar mitzvah
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